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 Broadband speeds

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PostSubject: Broadband speeds   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:04 am

I noticed a number of comments regarding broadband Speeds & obtaining 'faster broadband' both in the village plan and in the public consultations.

I have made some enquiries to NyNet (*) for a different project last year - the basic figures are:

They can supply up to a 10Mbs connection. Pricing is £500 / Mbs / year so a 10Mbs connection will cost £5k /yr. There also needs to be a connection to their local 'point of presence' (POP) but as they supply the broadband connection to the school this should be simple!

We would need to distribute the service to end users - the obvious solution would be to use wireless technology. I already manage a similar network south of york so I know the issues that can arise!

Nynet would normally work with a company that would supply the service to end users - I don't see why we shouldn't set up a 'not for profit' ourselves!

(*) NyNet is a partnership with NYCC and a private company to run NYCC's internal network (see )

I am more than happy to provide technical advice / consultancy / support to anyone who wants to run with this project but I don't have time to do it myself...

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Broadband speeds
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