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 landfill site

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PostSubject: landfill site   Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:04 pm

what's the latest on the landfill site? the litter seems to have died down a bit recently - does this mean some action has been taken?
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John Price

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PostSubject: Landfill   Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:30 am

An Environment Agency Report on the Alne Brickworks Landfill Site was completed on 19 Feb 08. This audit was prompted by public concerns over litter, odours and lack of cover to waste. The scope of the audit was:

To ensure that all reasonable measures are being taken to effectively control emissions from the site.
Review management systems which are in place to prevent pollution of the environment, harm to human health and loss of local amenity.
To ensure that the conditions of the permit are fully complied with (sic)

The audit found; that there had been passive venting of gases to atmosphere for a significant period of time, that there were indications that management systems were not fully updated or that they were inadequate (leading to breaches of other conditions), that landfill gas from general site operations (were) affecting areas outside the site, that there was a failure to cover waste as set out in permit, that litter was escaping from the site; that there were no odour control systems in place and that there no active bird control measures evident on site.

Draw you own conclusions as to how the place was/is run and how much the owner did care/cares for the environment and the local area in which he runs his business.

I have asked the EA Inspector (Mr Kevin Nicholson) if he can give an update on the actions taken by the management of the Alne Brickworks Landfill Site and will pass these on when they are available. Casual observation indicates that there has been some action on waste coverage and the quantity of litter escaping from the site which is good news. ( I was led to believe that a 30' high fence would be going up along the road to stop the litter that does get away but there's nothing there yet.) As for the odour (methane, CO2 plus other goodies), well that's still there.

Gudrun knows more about the limitations on vehicle movements times and frequencies and about the recent planning application for a vehicle workshop.

If you too are concerned and wish to bring pressure to bear on the owner to comply with the permits for waste handling and management then use the following contacts:

· Environment Agency Hotline 0800 807060 – if you wish to complain about the lack of waste controls or the gas escapes.
· NYCC – 01609 533323 and speak to Victoria Perkin to raise concerns over adherence to the planning permissions.
· Alne Brickworks Recycling Landfill Site – 01347 838772 and speak to the Site Manager (Alf) or the Owner (Antony Eyres)
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John Price

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PostSubject: Alne Brickworks Landfill - Suspected overtipping   Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:52 am

I have spoken to Victoria Perkin (NYCC Head of Planning Services) concerning non compliance with planning permissions at the Alne Brickworks Landfill Site. She was very helpful and, based on our conversation, my understanding on the current situation is as follows;

There is a belief that the owner of the site is over tipping.
NYCC has made a formal request of the owner to supply topographical data on the site. This will establish the extent of the over tipping (if there is any) and will inform the amount of settlement that can be expected as a result of man made and bio compaction. If it transpires that the height of the mound is compliant with planning then no problem. If it finds that planning has been breached then I understand that NYCC will issue a "stop order (?)" to the operation and further action will be taken.
NYCC expect an answer on the topographical data within two weeks.
The over tipping case is being handled by the Planning and Regulatory Committee. The Chairman for this committee is our local representative Councillor Pete Sowray (e.mail )

Update on the Audit to follow but the birds are still operating with gay abandon, the pong is still there and the litter is more noticeable than ever now that the leaves have fallen.
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John Price

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PostSubject: Audit follow up   Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:26 am

Kevin Nicholson (Environment Agency Auditor on the last audit) has stated that he will be carrying out a follow up inspection later this week - co-incidence or what? He will send a copy of the follow up report and I will put it up when it arrives.

On the subject of planning, next time you go past the site on Forest Road, have a squizzer at the height of the landfill "cells" - there are 9 in all with the biggest one (Cell 1) closest to the road. The max height of this cell (pre-settlement) is required to be no more that 8 m (let's say 27').

What's your guess of the current height?
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PostSubject: Re: landfill site   

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landfill site
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